Litigation Services

The Sefyan Law Offices, P.C., will help you win a judgment or settlement in your case, with Armen Sefyan overseeing the entire process. When you and another party are at odds over a matter, litigation becomes a necessity.

If you need help with a Litigation matter, please contact Armen Sefyan at (323) 488-4649 for a free consultation.

What attributes should I look for in a litigator?

While many attorneys practice law, not all are versed in litigation, and not all litigators are created equal. These cases, on any scale, involve two parties who must use evidence and personal accounts to stake their claim. It is the role of the litigator to organize this information in a way that is compelling, clear and well presented, both orally and in written form.

When you need a litigator to win your case, the person you hire should have impeccable research capability, organization, a strong sense of reason and understanding, matched by knowledge and experience in both procedural and substantive law. Attorneys should also possess negotiation skills and the ability to advocate for you through strong writing and speaking. Armen Sefyan is that litigator.

What are the primary areas of litigation?

The main forms of litigation cases deal with civil and business law.

Prior to seeking business litigation, attorneys should seek mediation and negotiation opportunities. When these courses of action fail, business litigation becomes a necessity. The range of these cases vary, and could involve a suit against a business, businesses suing each other, or a company seeking action against an individual. During this form of litigation, attorneys comb through and present evidence and utilize witness testimony to craft a case for the client.

The attorney’s main role in this regard is to protect and fight for the rights of the business or individual. These cases might involve anything from breaches of contract and infringement of copyright to the settling of disputes held by business partners. When you need representation during trials and hearings, mediation and arbitration, Armen Sefyan will be glad to handle the case on the local and state level.

What makes the Sefyan Law Offices special in this regard?

When you’re seeking monetary damages from an individual or company, you need the help of a law firm with a clear understanding of the law. The Sefyan Law Offices respects and understands litigation and will provide you with competent representation. With this law firm, you’ll get the best in the area, so that you can properly present your case to any judge or jury.

If you need help with a Litigation matter, please contact Armen Sefyan at (323) 488-4649 for a free consultation.